Building language skills and events

Sep 29, 2019 | Tourism & Culture

Boost language skills, joint hosting of sporting events, EXPOs, joint Olympic Games or Tour de France type-of contests, one service provider operating trains between Malmö-Copenhagen-Hamburg, mutual marketing and more information…

Part of the project “Building Tourism” is about developing new ideas for activities in Sweden, Denmark and Germany that will develop and create growth in the tourism industry. Initial project ideas have already been developed at two ‘internal’ workshops; one among tourism professionals in Skåne, Copenhagen and Zealand, and the other with tourism professionals from Schleswig Holstein and Hamburg. This was followed by a discussion at the latest Tourism Network meeting in Copenhagen, where representatives from all three countries met in December, to develop further ideas to benefit the tourism industry in the STRING region.

The event did not only concern tourism ideas as such, and the overall development in the interaction, the language problem and the infrastructure between the three countries were also discussed.  All of the discussions pinpointed the need to engage children and young people, as these are the future users of the advantages that a bigger region with improved accessibility will provide.

The ideas will now be sorted and developed over the next half year in dialogue with both business and the public sector. They will be developed into project-ideas, and be part of the final report due in summer 2013. Some of the ideas will also be communicated to central stakeholders during this process, in order to make the ideas work as soon as possible in the strategic work that is going on in the three countries, in the regions, and in the business.

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