GREATER4H Grant Agreement signed in the European Parliament

Mar 28, 2023 | GREATER4H, Infrastructure

Today, the Acting Director of CINEA Mrs. Paloma Aba Garrote and the GREATER4H Project Coordinator from Schleswig-Holstein Mr. Werner Schwarz, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Areas, European Affairs and Consumer Protection are formally signing the GREATER4H Grant Agreement at the European Parliament in Brussels. The signing ceremony is a symbol of the strong collaboration between STRING and the private companies, Everfuel, GP JOULE Hydrogen and Hynion. High-level representatives from hydrogen organisations, EU institutions as well as STRING politicians will be discussing how to push forward not only the hydrogen agenda but also the actual implementation of hydrogen mobility within the transport sector. 

“I am very pleased that we today can host the official kick off here in Brussels for the GREATER4H project initiated by STRING with Schleswig-Holstein as lead partner. A coherent hydrogen infrastructure linking four nation states does not yet exist in Europe. Schleswig-Holstein, together with private companies and the STRING partner regions, is taking on a pioneering role here. Here, the Green Deal is being implemented through effective green investment and green growth,” said Minister for European Affairs from Schleswig-Holstein, Mr. Werner Schwarz.

“Heading towards a carbon-neutral economy is a key priority of the European Commission, and decarbonising transport is a crucial objective in this regard. The GREATER4H project, co-funded by the European Union through Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility/Connecting Europe Facility is instrumental in the ambitious transition towards a zero-emission transport sector”, declared Paloma Aba-Garrote, Acting Director at CINEA, the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency. “The combined involvement of major public local and regional entities, with pioneering private companies to deploy 12 publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany, Denmark and Sweden is a strong asset to contribute creating an integrated hydrogen supply network along the European road network and fulfilling Green Deal objectives”.

GREATER4H will accelerate the deployment of hydrogen, paving the way for a carbon neutral planet, and improving quality of life for its citizens making Northern Europe a global frontrunner in the green transition of road transport.   

“The hydrogen corridor is a ground-breaking project that offers the opportunity to further Northern Europe’s position as a global green growth engine that develops, tests and implements the industrial solutions to the climate crisis,” said Thomas Becker, Managing Director, STRING. 


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