Political clarity on the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link

Sep 29, 2019 | Infrastrukture

”We’re delighted that the Schleswig-Holstein Transport Minister Reinhard Meyer has now brought clarity and stability to the Fehmarnbelt project,” says the Chairman of the STRING network, Steen Bach Nielsen, commenting on the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting (18.4.2017) in Copenhagen between Schleswig Holstein’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Technology Reinhard Meyer and the Danish Transport Minister Ole Birch Olesen.

“The crucial thing here is that the German minister has removed any doubt about the state government’s attitude to the Fehmarnbelt fixed link: the state government stands by the project,” says Steen Bach Nielsen

At the meeting between the two ministers, Meyer made it clear that there would be no further delays to the approval process. The Client can therefore count on regulatory approval being forthcoming in 2018.  Given that opponents of the tunnel will file a complaint against the approval with the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig, one can assume that construction will commence in the summer of 2020.

“STRING is delighted that finally, there is political clarity and certainty on the German side concerning the project’s further development. We note that a good basis for co-operation has been established between the two ministeries. This is not least due to the agreement  that the state secretaries from both ministries – following the recent public consultation – would plan the next steps and follow developments closely, says Steen Bach Nielsen.

“In the light of the clarified planning situation, STRING will continue to work for a regional and cross-border development of the corridor on both sides of the Fehmarnbelt between Hamburg, Region Zealand, Copenhagen and Skåne.

“With the upgrading of the infrastructure in Germany, Denmark and Sweden, there is a strong foundation for the creation of a northern European powerhouse which stands for green growth, sustainable regional development, jobs, education and research.”

“STRING will continue to play its part in ensuring that such a vision becomes a reality.”

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