Region of Southern Denmark is a new member of STRING

Oct 1, 2020 | ENG

Region of Southern Denmark has joined the political member organisation STRING. As of today, October 1st 2020, the board of STRING unanimously agreed to expand the STRING organisation with the Region of Southern Denmark. This means that STRING now represents 13 regions and cities, covering the geography between Hamburg and Oslo.

The Chair of the Region of Southern Denmark, Stephanie Lose, is pleased to finally join STRING, having previously been an observer:

“We are excited to join STRING. The Region of Southern Denmark shares the ambitions of STRING to position Northern Europa as a megaregion fostered by green growth and connected through sustainable transport connectivity. We are looking forward to strengthening our collaboration with the members of STRING and to join the important work on the national as well as European planning and legislation on sustainable infrastructure and green growth. We believe that we are stronger together, and lending our voice to those of the other STRING partners will make us a force to be reckoned with, not least in Brussels, and when it comes to broadening the opportunities for our inhabitants. ”

The expansion of STRING will enhance the organisation’s work to promote Green Mobility from Hamburg via Jutland and Copenhagen to Oslo. Furthermore, the expansion is a crucial stepping-stone in accelerating the Northern European megaregion built by STRING.

The Chairman of STRING, Minister Claus Christian Claussen from the Land of Schleswig-Holstein, wholeheartedly welcomes the Region of Southern Denmark as a new member of STRING:

“As Chairman of STRING, I am pleased to further strengthen our collaboration with the Region of Southern Denmark within the framework of STRING. The Region of Southern Denmark is home to world-class green industries and has a solid experience of bridging the gap between the private and public sector to foster green growth. Furthermore, Region of Southern Denmark brings valuable experience with placing Northern European cross-border issues at all levels of governance, not least when it comes to infrastructure, which will be a great asset to STRING. In turn, STRING gives the Region of Southern Denmark a platform to strengthen ties to the rest of Scandinavia and Germany, be an integral and structural part of a crucial European transport network, and position themselves as part of a megaregion with all the many benefits this presents for inhabitants in terms of employment, educational and cultural choice. To me, this is a perfect win-win situation for all of us.’’



  • STRING is a political member organisation in Northern Europe.
  • STRING connects cities and regions to collaborate effectively, share knowledge and implement integrated policies to deliver on United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities.
  • The 13 STRING members are: The City of Oslo, Viken County County, the City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland, the City of Gothenburg, Region Halland, Region Skåne, the City of Malmö, the City of Copenhagen, Region Zealand, the Captial Region of Denmark, Region of Southern Denmark, Land Schleswig-Holstein and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.
  • STRING’s common vision is to create a megaregion, globally acknowledged as a Green Hub and a leading implementer of sustainable infrastructure, to combat climate change while improving the lives of our citizens.


For more information, interview inquires, and pictures, contact Managing Director, Thomas Becker, at or at phone + 45 29 61 70 10.

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