Save the New Date for the Fehmarnbelt Days 2021

Apr 23, 2020 | ENG

The organizers of the Fehmarnbelt Days have now agreed on a new date for the Fehmarnbelt Days: Sunday, May 30th and Monday, May 31st, 2021, in Weissenhäuser Strand, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Since the organizers have received a large number of applications and encouragement whilst planning the 2020 Fehmarnbelt Days, the concept of a Citizen´s Festival on Sunday and a high-level conference on Monday, is still the concept for the ongoing planning until May 2021.

Due to the social, economic and political consequences of the corona pandemic, the program planning for 2021 will take the new situation into account.

During the two days, the Fehmarnbelt Days will provide a broad platform for meetings, debate and knowledge sharing between politicians, experts, stakeholders and citizens from the emerging Fehmarnbelt region between Hamburg and Copenhagen/Malmö and Oslo.

Based on inspiration from the for democratic festivals in Scandinavia, the Citizen’s Festival on the first day is all about meeting each other at eye level, and about information sharing and dialogue about ongoing activities, common issues and challenges in the Fehmarnbelt region.

Here top politicians will meet participants from InterReg projects and volunteer initiatives, NGO representatives, citizens and their families from Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The politicians will also participate in several panel discussions in the Festival tent area. The aim is getting to know and understand each other and discuss small or large cross-border cooperations and issues concerning the future of the emerging region – in a new challenging situation after the outbreak of the global corona pandemic.

The high-level conference on May 31st will deal with topics concerning further cross-border political, economic and infrastructural development projects of the region. The aim is to share knowledge, discuss and develop steps towards a sustainable growth concept for the cross-border Fehmarnbelt Region in a changing social, political and economic situation.

The Fehmarnbelt Days 2012 will especially at the Citizen’s Festival offer a range of cultural and social arrangements.

Due to measures against the corona pandemic, the organizers postponed the Fehmarn Belt Days 2020, originally planned for May 17th and 18th this year.

The organizers of Fehmarnbelt Days 2020 are:

• Østholsten’s development organisation EGOH
• Fehmarnbelt Business Council (FBBC)
• Fehmarnbelt Committee
• Femern A/S
• IHK Lübeck (Lübeck’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry),
• Ostholstein County,
• Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Justice, Europe, Consumer Protection and Equality,
• Region Zealand

Further information is available at:

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