Schleswig-Holstein: Approval Authority to join Ministry of Transport

Sep 29, 2019 | Infrastrukture

In order to make road construction faster and to be closer to the necessary planning proces, the Approval Authority of Schleswig-Holstein will organizationally be moved to the Ministry of Transport already before the end of 2017. SH Transport Minister Dr. Bernd Buchholz and State Secretary Dr. Thilo Rohlfs informed this already in early September. So far, the Authority was part of the planning authority LBV-SH – the Landesbetrieb Strassenbau und Verkehr Schleswig-Holstein.

“With this reorganization, we will not only strengthen the approval authority in its independence but also assume the direct responsibility for providing the necessary resources to the authority. By doing so, we will help the process to go faster, said Buchholz, Minister of Transport.

According to Secretary of State Rohlfs, who is also the head of the nearly 1,400 LBV-SH employees, the organizational relocations must be completed by the end of 2017. In addition, the authority must be provided with more staff.

External Coordinator for the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel

In order to support the ongoing authority approval process and clarification of the legal issues regarding the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel, an external coordinator must also be introduced for the first time. According to Rohlfs, the Tender and Planning Lawyer, Prof. dr. Mathias Nebendahl of the University of Kiel, stated that he would take over the assignment.

The reorganization is based on a recommendation from experts from KPMG in Hamburg. According to them, a significant advantage is a clearer future clearer separation between LBV-SH as project developer and as approval authority. This, according to the Secretary of State, has often been a focal point in ongoing planning processes.

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