STRING Seminar at Riksdagen on the Need for a Fixed HH-Link

On May 16, STRING and Helsingborgs stad hosted a seminar at Riksdagen, focusing on the necessity of establishing a fixed link between Helsingborg and Helsingør. The event was hosted together with Swedish parliamentarians Ulrika Heindorff (M), Jonny Cato (C), and Yasmine Bladelius (S).

The seminar addressed key issues on the need for an additional fixed link across Öresund, such as labor market integration, commuting, critical infrastructure, and military mobility.

Strengthening cross-border infrastructure in the Öresund region, connecting Denmark and Sweden, is of significant importance. This need is especially pressing with the upcoming opening of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel in 2029, which is projected to considerably increase traffic flows.


 “We need to cooperate and negotiate with the Danes! “
Christian Orsing (M), Chair of the Municipal Executive Board, and Jan Björklund (S), Vice Chair, represented Helsingborgs stad. Other prominent speakers included Claus Dynesen, Project Director at Sund & Bælt Holding A/S, and Hans Tino Hansen, CEO of Risk Intelligence. From Region Skåne, participants included Anna Jähnke (M) and Anna Ingers (S).

In addition to the speakers, several Swedish parliamentarians had taken the time to listen to and participate in the discussions on the need for a fixed link between Helsingør and Helsingborg.

Key conclusions highlighted the need for the Swedish government to take the initiative and invite Danish authorities to discuss the fixed link. The seminar underscored that a tunnel between Helsingborg and Helsingør not only provides redundancy but also enhances connectivity between Sweden and NATO.


Report highlights the need for the HH-fixed link for military mobility
STRING’s recently published report advocates for this fixed link to ensure a robust supply network, reduce bottlenecks, and improve military logistics. The “Dual use” perspective emphasizes building infrastructure that supports both civilian and military needs during crises.

Please find the full report here:


In summary, the seminar was a success, with engaging discussions and a balanced mix of Swedish and Danish insights. The next step is bilateral discussions and agreement with the Danes.

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