STRING submits its referral response to the Swedish Transport Administration

Apr 15, 2024 | Infrastructure, SE

As we move towards a fossil-free transport system, cross-border collaboration and strategic investments in infrastructure are vital. Upgrading key transportation links in Scandinavia is essential for economic growth, defense, sustainability and international relations.


STRING Megaregion submits its referral response regarding the Swedish Infrastructure Planning Framework for the period 2026-2037. The prioritized agendas for STRING are:

  • The opening of the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel and the effects it will have on Swedish infrastructure
  • Upgraded railway between Oslo-Gothenburg
  • Fixed links across Oresund


Europe`s largest infrastructure project finished in five years

The 2029 opening of the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel will significantly impact Swedish transport infrastructure. Increased freight traffic is expected, and the current single-track Oslo-Gothenburg rail link poses a major bottleneck. This limits capacity, hinders speed, and weakens Sweden’s ability to capitalize on its Green Hub potential and achieve sustainability goals.

Projects like the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel, the Oslo-Gothenburg railway expansion and fixed links across Oresund require careful assessment to balance benefits with environmental risks. Prioritizing impact studies and exploring alternative funding are crucial for achieving smoother, greener transport across the region.

In summary, STRING emphasizes the need for:

Strategic investments: Prioritizing rail transport for sustainable growth.

Regional integration: Addressing bottlenecks to facilitate seamless cross-border mobility.

Innovative financing: Exploring alternative financing methods to support infrastructure development.

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