STRING supports the continued emphasis on transport infrastructure in the EU budget proposal

Sep 29, 2019 | Infrastrukture

STRING members welcome the EU Commission’s overall budget proposal for the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), which supports investment in cross-border infrastructures in the transport, energy and digital sectors. STRING also emphasizes that transport infrastructure should remain a key EU priority.

In a joint statement, the STRING members said that mobility of goods and people is a central pillar of economic and social cohesion, sustaining business, trade, travel and tourism both within EU and with neighbouring countries. Integrated, up-to-date and sustainable transport networks, not least across borders, are key drivers of economic growth, job creation and ensuring a good quality of life for all citizens.

Therefore, STRING welcomes the Commission’s proposal to continue the emphasis on cross-border transport as well as enhanced support for decarbonisation of the transport sector in the EU’s next budget period (2021-2027).

STRING members see CEF as a central mechanism delivering high EU added value in the transport sector as it finances a multitude of transport projects necessary to complete the TEN-T network.

“We very much look forward to contributing to the coming discussions concerning the final design of the Connecting Europe Facility”, says Chair of STRING Dr. Annette Tabbara, State Secretary of the City of Hamburg. “Developing and improving European transport infrastructure via the TEN-T network and the Connecting Europe Facility must remain a key EU priority. The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel is a brilliant example of this and needs continued focus in the next budget period”.

STRING also endorsed the focus on integrating transport networks between Norway and the EU. According to STRING, linking Norway with the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor and recognizing the effects on trade and regional cooperation and development should be highly prioritized and collaboration between Norway and the EU should be intensified.


Read the full statement HERE 

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