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Sep 29, 2019 | Tourism & Culture

Until May 10, young film talents aged between 18 and 25 and living in the STRING-region had the opportunity to submit ideas or a synopsis for a short film telling a story from within the region. Eight teams and individuals took part in the competition. Now the winners have been announced.


Eight teams from all over the STRING region were invited to the International Short Film Festival, which took place from 10 to 13Junein Hamburg. Most of the young writers or directors were accompanied by their cinematographers and producers.

The eight teams, consisting of 15 young filmmakers, joined the STRING Talent Campus which was held at Hamburg’s festival ground “Kolbenhof”, an old factory area, where they had the opportunity to mingle with filmmakers from all over the world and watch a variety of short films.

Workshop and coaching

The main emphasis was to work on their different ideas. This process was supported by experienced coaches in talent development: Anne Kathrin Lewerenz from the Film Foundation Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein, Arne Sommer from Filmworkshop Kiel, Prami Larsen from the Filmworkshop Copenhagen and Mette Bihl from Odense Filmworkshop. With these mentors at their side, the filmmakers went through three intense workshops, where they had the opportunity to learn how to pitch ideas, handle constructive criticism and how to adjust to new input and suggestions. Some even came up with totally new concepts.

The candidates also joined a panel of professional producers such as Verena Gräfe-Höft from Junafilm and Andrea Schütte from Tamtam Film to discuss production and careers. They also joined in the so called “Short Film Sessions” at the festival, where national and international festival guests shared insights into how they work and important focus areas.

Winning ideas – worth working on

Finally, the coaches – judge and jury by now – had to decide which three teams would be awarded the EUR 2,000 prize. The winning ideas were “The boy and the ocean,” “Café Lehmitz” and “The Schwentine Armada”.

The jury also deemed the other ideas more than worthy of further attention, however, and offered the teams help in developing their films through mentoring at their nearest film workshop or foundation.

For the winning teams there may still be obstacles to overcome during the production phase – even though they are shorts. However, the films are scheduled to be realised by autumn this year and will be presented during the Nordic Film Days in Lübeck during the first week of November 2015.


See pictures from the Hamburg Short Film Festival here

Watch video here


The winners and the ideas

Winner:The boy and the ocean by Ida Åkerstrøm Knudsen (Copenhagen) and Friedrich Tiedtke (Copenhagen/Flensburg)

The Danish/German short film is about the first insecure longing to be independent. A 12 year old boy has his first sexual awakening on board a sailing boat.


Winner:Cafe Lehmitzby Deniz Gül (Arhus) and Hannes Lieschke (Hamburg)

In 1962, the 18-year-old Anders Petersen went to Hamburg. The young Swedish photographer walked the streets of Hamburg, where he chanced upon Café Lehmitz.


Winner:The Schwentine Armada by Marc Schulz (Kiel) and Hauke Wendt (Neumünster)

A documentary about life on the water.


GRAM by Nicolai Johansen (Odense)

An elderly woman is torn between her illegal means of getting a better life and the protection of her grandson.


Idavallen by Frida Kärvegård (Malmö) and Susanna Ochwa-Echel (Lund)

A story concerning the difficulties surrounding a young girl’s fear, having lost her mother and what she can do in order to gain the closure needed to accept her fear.


See you soon grandpa by Lennard Eberlein (Hamburg)

A young boy has to come to terms with the loss of his beloved grandpa.


The Delivery by Daniel Lopez Nelson (Sandby)

How the lack of public transport and personal anger can lead to debts you can’t repay


Ubiety by Erland Glasø Faltinsen (Odense) and Tomas Frigstad (London)

When two strangers make eye contact in the middle of a busy street, all the people around them freeze.

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