Swedish Election with unclear result: New political administration in Region Skåne

Sep 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

The General Election in Sweden has resulted in a change of government with a precarious majority at both the national and the regional level. The change of power in Skåne will have consequences for membership of STRING’s political committee, Political Forum, on the Swedish side.

In Region Skåne it will be difficult to reach a secure majority. The chairman of the council Pia Kinhult (The Moderate Party) has already announced that she will resign and take over the role of leader of the opposition. To regional TV she says that she has no wish to cooperate with the Sweden Democrats in order to stay in power in Skåne.

The Moderates lost 8,6 percent of the votes in Skåne and are now at 22,3 percent.

The Social Democrats won 2 percent and became the largest party with 31,5 percent of the votes.

The immigration critical party The Sweden Democrats have achieved 14,6 percent of the votes in Skåne.

The leader of the Social Democrats in Skåne, Henrik Fritzon, intends to cooperate with The Environmental Party and one or two non-socialist parties to form a majority in the Regional Council.  Anders Åkesson, who represents the Environmental Party in the Regional Council, has already spoken in favor of a cooperation on Regional TV.

The change of power will have consequences for membership of STRING’s political committee, Political Forum, on the Swedish side. Who the Swedish members will be, will be decided after November 3., when the 149 members of the new Regional Council will convene.

Formally, the result of the election is not concluded until October 1. The reason for this slow tallying of the votes is that the national, regional and local elections are held simultaneously in Sweden. The final count of the votes of the regional election will not take place, until the counting of the national and local votes are completed.

Nevertheless, the negotiations on the membership of the new Regional Council will take place right after the election.

Difficult negotiations on the national level

Due to the dramatic progress of the Sweden Democrats, who got 13 percent of the votes on the national level, it will be difficult for the Social Democratic leader Stefan Löfven to form a red-red-green coalition between the Social Democrats, The Green Environmental Party and Vänsterpartiet (The Socialists).

He will need to cooperate with one or two of the non-socialist parties, as Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt resigned on the night of the election.

Both the red-green and the blue block refuse to cooperate with The Sweden Democrats.

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