STRING is a global top 20 hotspot for green technologies

Apr 9, 2021 | Report

The STRING-region is part of the global top 20 hotspots in terms of developing, producing and patenting green technologies making Northern Europe an attractive place to place your green investments.

In a new analysis conducted by the Danish Technological Institute, we zoom in on the current and future development of the Green Tech sector in the STRING region. The analysis includes an extensive mapping of the region’s green companies, green technologies, green patents, green publications and green investments, clearly demonstrating the potential of Northern Europe to become an internationally acknowledged Green Hub.

Key findings:

1) In the STRING-region there is more than 4000 green tech companies and 50 new ones are established every year.

2) 8 times more green tech publications are published in the STRING-region than the global average with 911.4 publications per 100.000 inhabitants.

3) The number of patented green tech inventions have tripled over the past 20 years but to maintain and strengthen our position we should increase the conversion of research to innovation in companies.

4) The Fehmarn-Belt Fixed link provides a window of opportunity to break down silo thinking across borders in the public and private sector to increase competitiveness. This will further advance the STRING-region’s position as a Green Hub.

5) The STRING-region is an attractive place to invest with 84% of the investments in green companies coming from outside the region with Central Europe, The San Francisco Bay Area and BosWash being the biggest investors. The high amount of investments coming from some of the leading tech regions in the world is a clear sign that STRING already is a Green Hub.

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